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Due to certain circumstances XPLOCIAL is no longer in business.

Everyone has heard about affiliate marketing: that style of business in which a person buys something then signs other people up to buy the product too. The more buyers this person signs up, and the more people they sign on, the richer the first person becomes. In most cases, consumers are justly skeptical.

  • After all, how far can this type of scheme go before the cycle ends?
  • Doesn’t the first person on the chain make substantially more than everyone below her?

Find out how Xplocial ranks against the programs you have heard of before in the following review.

XplocialWhat Are You Selling?

Most MLM companies are selling something tangible: vitamins, meal replacements, or makeup. In the case of Xplocial, each review and web write-up misses one essential point: the item you will be selling.

It looks like you simply give things away. Yet, you also pay $29 per month for the privilege. As always, lots of internet writers insist Xplocial is a scam.

While it is clear that some writers have made money from this allegedly lucrative system, there is very little clear information available without watching the instructional video. Right away this should get you wondering and could, understandably, turn you off.

The System

As far as can be understood, Xplocial offers members 100% commission for signing consumers up to their program, and the 100% continues as new sign-ups go down the line. Defining the program is difficult.

Your job is to give things away: discounts for restaurants, stores, and supermarkets; vacations; and more. These items come to the buyer digitally, so there is no waiting time. They see their free products instantly. As a member you can choose to use those products yourself instead.

Apparently, the product is really a business building tool. It can be used by many different types of firms to increase profits and develop their image online, maybe as giveaways for online marketing, but this is not stated.

What’s the Catch?

What you do not learn from websites is that to succeed with Xplocial you need training which costs over $150. According to advocates of the program — true business people, experts in affiliate marketing — the real value of your $150 is well in excess of that. You get over $1,000 worth of tools and training, and to make this system work for you requires only a few hours each week.

That said, not everyone wants to put in the time and make the kind of effort that is needed to sell the product, whatever that is. It would seem that you have to at least watch an introductory video to find out what you will be selling, which means you have to be captivated by the idea of making money.

Are You Captivated by Money?

In other words, lovers of get-rich-quick schemes are the kinds of people likely to sign up. They haven’t even heard much about the product or the company, but the idea of an internet business at home earning anything from several hundred to more than $10,000 USD without leaving home got their attention.

A strategy like this should make you wonder about ethics and purpose. Although one reviewer asserts that Xplocial is all about people, not just money, the stress is placed on getting rich and doing it quickly.

Will It Work?

According to many reviewers, and my own success,  Xplocial does work. They are the sorts of individuals who put in the right amount of time, understand what they are working with, and probably already have some of the skills needed to run an online, home-based business.

At least consumers are taking responsibility for their financial needs and using the internet creatively. If you think the tools learned through Xplocial would be helpful no matter what you sell down the road, then I welcome you to become part of my team. Click here to join!