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*NEWS UPDATE*    Unfortunately TelexFREE ended up being shut down due to fraudulent activity


TelexFree is an affiliate marketing company involved in communication. Its history begins with Brazil, but has expanded to include affiliates in more than 60 countries with more than a million people signed up as partner/sponsors. TelexFree opened its doors in America in 2012 and continues to expand, with thousands of affiliates in the country already.

TelexFREEThe Product

TelexFree sells a VOIP service. VO stands for Voice Over. It applies to several communication services reaching 40+ counties; services people use daily.

They include cell phone and landline calls. Consumers can place video calls and also conduct video conferences using this product. They are useful to ordinary people, but also to businesses where associates live and work in countries across the globe.

Try the product for free here.

Affiliate Payments

If you are familiar with programs that sell meal replacements and makeup using agents who host parties, you know what an affiliate business opportunity is. You might have even attended a party or signed up to sell some of these goods yourself and wondered why one person can become rich while you struggle to make a go of it.

With TelexFree you post ads to earn money. As you sign friends up to sell the product as well, this also earns you money and gives them a chance to do the same.

TelexFree wants affiliates to post ads using Ad Central and are paid every time they do this. If an ad leads to a sale, the affiliate earns almost $45 for that sale and each subsequent one. This amounts to 90% of the package price.

Increasing Rewards

In the world of affiliate marketing, a sponsor is the one who benefits from direct sales and sales made through sponsors. At the very least, consumers wanted to pay for their own products this way, even if they did not make money in the process.

The same is true at TelexFree. Picture a tree, with you forming a branch. Your branch has a twig, which also grows a twig: this could go on 6 times. Down to that sixth tiny twig you, as the original sponsor, receive income without doing anything. Use it to pay for your products or to pay for children’s extra-curricular sports and art programs.

One great thing about this system is that consumers are paid weekly. Many affiliate positions only pay when a person accumulates a minimum amount of credit regular jobs pay employees every two weeks to a month.

Knowing you can rely on some income every week is both reassuring and motivating. If a few dollars going into your account looks too paltry, all you have to do is work harder. You are not an employee but a free agent. Host parties if this is likely to work.

Take a look here at how easy it is to earn an income with TelexFree whether you sponsor people or not.

The Future

Right now, TelexFree defies economic odds by being strong now and continuing to grow stronger. The firm has made a connection with Best Western set to offer more rewards for those belonging to the program. There are new products about to be launched, including diet supplements and debt/credit services.

As the numbers grow, so do stories about individuals whose $20 grew into $20,000 per year and beyond. If you are motivated, enjoy talking with people, and determined, you could become a wealthy affiliate who quits her day job.

Checkout my video here explaining how it works and then contact me!

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