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Gold is a highly recommended commodity if you are looking to add security to your IRA. Many American consumers have chosen to make this move because they are fearful that pension funds responsible for their future incomes will not contain enough money when they retire to satisfy their needs.

Gold is also a coveted investment for anyone who wants something long term to add to other investments. Where shares turn around quickly, earning or losing clients money, gold is there for a long time growing in value. With the many positive signs regarding gold investments, it is time for regular people to enjoy some of that wealth early. They can do this by joining an affiliate program.

Regal AssetsAffiliate Program

The Regal Assets program is not just any affiliate program, but potentially one of the best. At least, that is what several reviewers are saying about what they have to offer.

Individuals who have signed up as affiliate marketers are already reporting on the early stages of their roles as affiliates and have mostly positive things to say.

How Does a Person Sell Gold as an Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is often associated with purchases of Tupperware and meal replacements, not precious metals. How does an ordinary person market gold? Do you have to be a trained investment broker?

Anyone with the right network of friends and associates can market gold on behalf of Regal Assets. What you probably want to do before becoming a marketer is to learn as much as you can about the market, figure out whether any associates would be interested, and if they would be able to invest enough to help you earn some money.

To start earning money, the contacts you make that start looking for investments have to be willing to spend $5,000 or more on gold. This is what reviewers refer to as a qualified lead. If your contact is qualified lead, you earn $30 right away. Next, that qualified lead needs to be on the phone with a broker for at least 10 minutes and you earn another $30. You did almost nothing and already you are $60 ahead.

What Else Can You Earn?

Affiliates earn in two other ways. First is that they receive 3% of the gross investment of their contacts. According to the company’s website and those of existing Regal Assets affiliates, that is 12 times more lucrative than what any other precious metal brokers have to offer their affiliates.

Say your friend invests the minimum – $5,000 – and you receive 3%. The sum going into your bank account is $150. With just one lead you earned $210.

Another way to earn money will sound familiar if you have dabbled with programs like selling diet products or candles. There is a 2nd tier structure which means that if you sign up another affiliate, 2% of this individual’s commission come your way.


Regal Assets helps you set up an 800 number and a website so you can see what contacts and affiliates are doing. Find out in real time how much money you are about to earn. The firm also provides promotional tools which help you to promote your website and earn customers. Once online, you will be earning even more.