How Blogging About Your Passion Can Turn Into A Business

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Working from home is a dicey business. Some people promise you it is possible to earn a substantial living from writing on the internet and working only 20 hours each week. They even suggest it is possible to get rich.

Be Sensible

Put riches aside and think about extra wages, maybe to the tune of full-time money; maybe enough to pay for a few luxuries. This is where blogging could stand in your experience of online writing for money. Expecting to become wealthy is unrealistic and unlikely to happen if you write from home, unless you are an amazing marketer or author with a product everyone wants.

Woman BloggingBlogging: What is it?

Lots of people write blogs just to share information and to connect with other people in a global community. They have all experienced similar issues like raising a child with a life-threatening disease, trying to quit smoking, or attending certain types of classes at college.

Writers of blogs simply have something to share. Readers will probably not see links to Twitter or Facebook in these articles. The tone is personal and geared towards a target audience (students, parents, etc.)

How Do People Make Money by Blogging?

Sharing a passion for something can also become a wage-earning opportunity. Without buying software or attending webinars you can probably draw some conclusions about how this works by reading blogs.

Many feature backlinks to other sites, meaning their site is probably mentioned somewhere else likewise. This is how writers let consumers know they are out there and make a business out of a topic they love.

Next, these blogs are linked to certain products. They can be products made by the blogger which you is promoting in your writing. They can also be related products advertised in or on a blog.

A company pays the blog writer for this advertising opportunity. Even if you are not selling anything of your own, the writer has earned money by allowing their site to be used for advertising. This only works if the context in which a link is used makes sense.

An example would be if someone who loves food writes a recipe blog for fun, inserting links to companies selling baking accessories. If advertising pertained to roofing this would make no sense. Google would even penalize a business for doing this.

The link might be embedded in text with highlighted, underlined words leading readers to an external website when they press on the text. A link could also be featured separately in the footer or sidebar of an article.

Blogging for Others

Talented writers seldom earn a living out of creative endeavors, so they end up writing blogs for other people. Their clients are good at making and selling custom-designed wood furniture for example, but they cannot write a cohesive, attractive article.

Your business opportunity could arrive as you apply for work as a blog writer. This is a way to satiate a passion for writing, even if this writing is for someone else.

Writers go to job-hunting sites where online writing jobs of all types are listed, including blog writing. They can also approach companies if they feel their services would be useful.

One is never penalized in business for acting independently and showing the guts to say a company’s unattractive blog would benefit from a professional touch.