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Working online to earn a living is feasible in this age where even a mobile phone comes with internet. How do you make the internet work for you? Here are some ideas of the best online business opportunities to get you started.

HandshakeSell Yourself

Do you like to bake?

Has anyone ever suggested you should cater, or that you could sell your homemade jewelry? Consider marketing items and services online. There is no need to store a warehouse full of goods.

Just make sure you have some stock in your garage. As for your web page, keep this simple. Offer people the option to pay via your site or, for a fee, create a link to a checkout. Low overheads make this a tantalizing possibility.

Do you think you could write for an online audience?

The great thing about starting an online writing business is that you truly never have to keep anything in stock or deal with people in person. Deal with everything over the internet.

  • What if you are not creative enough to write, but you love to read?
  • Do you find yourself correcting other people’s grammar?
  • Are you critical by nature?

Sell your editing skills, either to a firm which provides internet writing, or to individuals looking for someone to edit their work. This is a legitimate and potentially lucrative sort of business if you are flexible and willing to look for customers from multiple sources. This could include kids who need their essays proof read and adults who want help with resume writing.

Affiliate Marketing

A bonus with many affiliate marketers these days is that programs come with the option to start their own blog site. This is not a 2.0 article site but perhaps a WordPress page.

Still, it gives clients a chance to market products in unique ways. Market makeup, supplements, or whatever affiliate product you want to sell and make money from primary and secondary commissions.

Be a Resource

You can sell something specific or become a resource for others. Post a website and invite people to list their companies and services on it. They will pay a subscription in exchange for you maintaining a site and ensuring links remain accurate.

In a sense you offer an advertising site, but one which consumers are directed to using SEO techniques. On the site you will write articles containing key words related to the types of businesses you promote. They could be restaurants, event planners, or baby clothing companies.

Write a Blog

It was mentioned above that blog writing can make you money, but consider approaching this from another angle. Write a blog pertaining to something you are passionate about (gluten-free baking, the environment, etc.) and create connections with other products that compliment the theme.

Other internet users will pay you to include their links on your site. The fees could be nominal, but when added up month by month have the potential to earn you a tidy sum if you keep writing and maintaining the integrity of your site.

Success Online

To become successful with an online business you have to be willing to put in the time. This might sound like a lot more work than you anticipated, but even if you invest a few hours weekly in checking for comments, exploring the internet to see that your website comes up, and so on, this is nothing like the hours you spent getting ready for work and getting to the office each day. Remain committed and you will succeed.

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